Brahims (brand of Dewina Food Industries) is synonymous with delicious, convenient, ready-to-eat meals and has become a household name in Malaysia. Our products can be found on supermarket shelves all over the world including United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Brunei, Japan and now Australia.

Australia already has a long history of Malaysian meals and Asians cooking sauces since the 1980s. The issue however has always been the quality and authenticity of the sauces.  Brahim’s range of Asian simmer sauces, cooking sauces and ready-to-eat meals enables cooking of classic authentic Malaysian and Asian dishes effortlessly at home.  Quality and premium ingredients are present within every product to create the most authentic asian meal at home.

All Brahim’s products are MSG Free, Preservative Free and Free from Food Colouring. Brahim products are all Halal Certified.


Heavenly Cuisine Australia & Brahim’s Partnership

Brahim’s Products are fully supported in partnership with Heavenly Cuisine Australia. Heavenly Cuisine specialises in unique and premium foods from Australia’s premium regions of Western Australia
and Tasmania.  Heavenly Cuisine products come from the highest safety and quality standards of Australia including Top 4 Meat Standards Australia Star Gradings, HACCP and AQIS accreditation.

Heavenly Cuisine partners with Brahim’s to provide the best fresh food accompaniments to the authentic sauces of Brahims so as to create a truly premium & authentic asian meal experience.     This includes top quality Western Australian meats of Beef, Lamb and Chicken.

Click here to find out more about Heavenly Cuisine or the 1-2-3 Serving Success program.


aboutus01The manufacturer of Brahim’s products, Dewina Food Industries Sdn Bhd (54653-D) (DFI) was
founded in 1986 by it’s Managing Director, Datuk Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, a former university lecturer and specialist in food and agricultural consultancy and research, together with Mr. Tatsunobu Abe, a Japanese Entrepreneur.

In its initial years of operation, DFI was better known as a supplier of military rations to regional armies and the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces, due primarily to the unique features of its retort pouch products.

Brahim’s gradually gained steady commercial market presence and strong brand awareness within Malaysian and regional markets. Production capacity was increased to meet growing demands.


Corporate Philosophy

At Dewina, we are always guided by our corporate philosophy to achieve total quality in products and services by harnessing every employee’s commitment towards providing customer satisfaction.

We consider our employees a vital resource and we are devoted to ensuring a working environment which promotes productivity and efficiency. We emphasise commitment and dedication among our employees and constantly provide training programmes, both locally and abroad, to improve their knowledge, skills and performance.

We constantly seek new ways of enchancing the quality of our products by developing innovative ideas and concepts through continuous R & D, and introducing new products and services through strategic partnerships with world leaders in the field.

Dewina’s strength lies in its ability to be versatile and innovative to meet the ever-changing and growing demands of the world’s food market.


Brahim’s Founder

founder01Datuk Ibrahim Hj Ahmad is the founder and now the Executive Chairman of Dewina Holdings Sdn Bhd (550913-P). He holds a Masters degree in Food Technology (1974) and a Diploma in Agriculture (1969).

A former lecturer and a founding member of the Faculty of Food Science and Biotechnology, University Putra Malaysia and subsequently the Head of Corporate R & D at a public company, Datuk Ibrahim has wide experience in food and agro-based industries and had been involved in various professional organizations.

He held posts such as National Representative to the UNESCO Regional Network for Basic Sciences (1978-1980), Secretary-General of Asean Federation of Food Processing Industries (1983-1984), Member, International Standards Committee SIRIM (1983-1985), Council Member of Malaysian Microbiological Society (1978-1980) and Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (1980-1983), besides sitting on various state and federal advisory bodies.

Datuk Ibrahim founded Dewina Food Industries in 1986 and has since been honoured with the ‘Anugerah Usahawan’ (Entrepreneurship Award) in 1993 and with a Datukship in October 2002.


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Organisation Structure

Corproate Structure