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Brahim’s Food Truck – Coming to Perth!

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We are excited to announce the arrival of Brahim’s Food Truck which has now arrived in Perth and will be a regular fixture at the top events of Perth.  Brahim’s Food Truck will be serving out authentic and fresh Malaysian and Asian curries and foods that Brahim’s has become famous for!

The Food Truck will be at the Vic Park TGIF Hawkers Market every Friday night from 5pm – 9pm.  Then catch the food truck from 12:30pm-10:30pm every Saturday and Sunday at Elizabeth Quay (commencing 5th March).  If you haven’t had enough Malaysian curry by then and want some more, we will also be at the Vic Park Farmers Markets every Sunday from 8am-12pm.

A range of authentic and fresh Malaysian and Asian meals will be available including Beef Rendang, Lamb Massaman, Green Curry, Vegetable Nyonya, Satay Chicken and more!  If you want to be your own master Asian chef you can purchase a range of our sauces at the food truck or visit our online store to purchase them anytime!

So no matter where you are in Perth, head down to Vic Park Hawker Markets, Vic Park Farmers Markets or Elizabeth Quay on the weekend to get your curry fix!  Any questions please contact as at or comment below. Feel free to also add in the comments any request for what you’d like to see offered in the truck below.

We hope to see you there!


Menu – Summer 2016:

Beef Rendang w Fresh Noodles

coconut, ginger, galangal, ground spice


Vegetable Nyonya Curry

coconut, lime juice, mild chilli curry served w seasonal vegetables & basmati rice


Satay Chicken

peanut, tamarind & mild chilli sauce


Lamb Thai Masaman Curry

coconut, tamarind, aromatic spice sauce served w on basmati rice w a cucumber, carrot, green chilli & onion salad


Lamb Thai Green Curry

coconut, lemongrass, green chilli curry served w basmati rice, garnished w fresh coriander


Hoi Sin Marinated Chicken Wings

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