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1-2-3 Serving Success

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Throwing together ingredients when preparing a meal does not guarantee the same delicious meal outcome every time.  Being able to cook a perfect meal every time at home or even a 5 star restaurant is one of the most difficult tasks a home cook or restaurant can achieve. With so many uncontrollable factors influencing the quality and consistency of a  meal, it is essential this is managed for success.


Brahims has decided to partner with Nature’s Promise to ensure their sauces are paired with the best base ingredients that compliment Brahim’s sauces quest for quality and flavour. Nature’s Promise provides the best base ingredients to help make the meals the best they can be.  This includes top quality Western Australian Beef, Lamb, Seafood, Fruits & Vegetables.


1-2-3 Serving Success is a program developed by Nature’s Promise and Brahims to help ensure that home cooks and restaurants can achieve sustainable and consistent high quality and flavoured meals every time. By purchasing one of our premium portion controlled accompaniments you can control the quality and provide consistently great flavour and exclusive signature quality all the time.


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  1. scott hewish
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    I have been desperately trying to purchase Brahims Premium Rendang Simmer sauce in Australia for a long time.
    Could you please let me know who in Australia I can buy this product.

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